2019 Summer SAT Camps - Math & Verbal Instruction: $1295.00

Buy Camp #1: July 8 to July 25 M-Th - get your Camp done before an Aug Vacation!

Buy Camp #2: Aug 5 to Aug 22 M-Th - get prepped right in time for the Aug 24th SAT


A great score on the SAT helps to justify strong academic grades and is an opportunity for students that have lower grades to show colleges they can achieve high scores as well.

ACT Students can still take this Camp.  The Math Boot Camp portion relates directly to the ACT.  The reading and writing will also prepare students for the ACT, but students will need to focus on ACT practice material after the Camp.  ACT Students must prep the Science Section separately and they can take advantage of the discounts below

50% off SAT or ACT Tutoring during the camp (to help keep up for example). ACT students get 50% off until they take their Fall ACT.

25% off SAT or ACT Tutoring once a student joins camp and continues until they are done testing.


Material Covered



Week 1

Math Boot Camp:

We will focus intensely on building student's math foundations related to SAT Math topics.  Students will learn how to solve SAT Math problems the "fast" way so that they will be better able to finish the math sections.  Many SAT math problems are designed with two solutions: a more obvious slow way for untrained students and a faster but less obvious method that can be recognized by a well prepared student.  We will use our worksheets that we have developed over years of SAT Prep.



Week 2


Week 3

Each day students will take half of an SAT practice test (one math and one reading or writing) and then we will go over the solutions to the test to teach students how to solve the problems utilizing the most efficient strategies.  We will also teach any math or reading/ writing concepts that students may be missing.



 WINTER / SPRING 2018 SAT CAMP: includes 8 Practice Tests and 9 Classes.
 Math and Verbal Instruction to prep for March 9, May 4, June 1 SATs

This class is designed to prep your student for the March 9, May 4, or June 1 SAT.  

Students who take this camp will receive a discount of 50% off all SAT or ACT sessions during the camp and 25% on ALL one to one SAT or ACT sessions until they are done with their testing.

If your student has testing accommodations we will be able to administer the tests to mimic those conditions.

For students that score under 1200 on the first test we recommend a minimum of 1.5 hr one to one tutoring per week to supplement the class.  

Please see schedule below.  There will be a total of 8 practice tests on Saturdays (can also be taken at home) and 8 Sunday evening classes as well as a Thursday RE-Cap.

If you saw our ad in the Roosevelt Basketball program there was an error and the ad from last year was printed.  This year's class is taught by Uplift Writing's Jinah Haytko and Kyle Humphrey.  They have taught our last 3 classes together.

Pre/Practice Tests @ Fusion MathClass Instruction (with breaks) Private Tutoring
Saturdays 9:00am-1:00pm
(tests can also be taken at home or away)
Sunday Eves 4:00pm-8:30pm
Thursday March 7  6pm-9pm
50% off during the Camp.  25% off before and after the Camp.
Jan 12, 19, 26
Feb 2, 9, 16, 23
March 2
Jan 13, 20, 27
Feb 3, 10, 17, 24
March 3
Thursday March 7th WrapUp.
SAT on March 9th.
Flexible Schedule!