Drop-In Tutoring is a flat fee of 68.00 billed to a Credit Card or Checking Account by filling in our Payment Authorization Form on this page:  www.fusionmath.com/gettingstarted

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What is drop-in tutoring?  

Drop-in tutoring is one of the most common and beneficial ways that colleges offer help to their students. It works by providing a space where students work by themselves or in groups on homework, with a tutor on hand to answer questions. Whenever someone has a question, they raise their hand and a tutor walks over to help them. It's a system that gives students all the benefits of thinking and solving questions on their own at their own pace, but spares them from the frustration of encountering a problem on their homework when help from teachers and classmates is unavailable. It works by encouraging individual problem-solving skills so that students don't become dependent on a tutor, but gets students help when they really need it---right when the question arises---not 24 hours later in class.

As a University of Washington student, it is a resource that I used almost everyday on campus when I was taking calculus. It is a resource that I wish I had when I was a high school and middle school student. It got me motivated to sit down and start my homework without anxiety, because I knew that someone would be able to help me with all the little hang-ups or bigger fundamental misunderstandings I would have. I hope that you or your student will come by the Math Lab and try it for yourself!