Getting Started with Fusion Math:

If you would like to work with Fusion Math please contact us to arrange either an informational meeting or to set up as session with a tutor.

Fusion Math is always open by appointment - we have tutors available at most times of the day every day of the week.  Appointments are typically an hour but longer sessions are also available.  S
chedules vary by tutor and once sessions have been arranged, scheduling can be done directly with your tutor.  If your tutor is unavailable, they can assist in setting up a meeting with an alternate tutor.  

In addition to one to one tutoring we also offer Drop-In Tutoring during the academic year on Sundays from 4:30pm - 8:30pm.  Drop-In tutoring is always on Sundays even during holiday weekends.
Drop-In Updates are posted to Facebook or to our website's front page.

There is no fee to get started, no minimum number of sessions, and no long term commitments.  We bill by bank draft (e-check) or credit card automatically shortly after the middle and end of each month for One to One tutoring as well as Drop-In Tutoring.  If there is a period with no sessions there is no charge.

Please click  Fusion Math Payment Authorization Form  to fill out our secure, PCI Compliant form.  This form charges your card $0.01 and allow us to use your card for future billings.  By making this $0.01 purchase you authorize Fusion Math to charge your Credit Card twice per month for any Tutoring Services rendered during those times. Again, if there is no minimum number of sessions and if no tutoring takes place there are no charges.

If you'd like to pay with your checking account, you may use this form:  Fusion Math e-Check Payment Authorization Form 

Here is some info here about PCI Compliance and information about USA E-Pay Security.
A Credit Card Number must be on file before your first tutoring session can be confirmed.

Our tutoring spaces are large open areas with whiteboards and large tables.  Students really take to working at the whiteboard with their tutor especially when practicing problems.  We can use smartphone scanner apps or students can use their own phones to capture problems on the board for studying later.

You will find our Cancellation and Change Policy on the Payment Authorization forms above.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Many Thanks - f(M)