Pod Learning

Fusion Math and Uplift Writing has offered small group or pod learning for years.  In March, we suspended all in-person learning, but we are ready open our location to limited in-person pod learning with all necessary safety precautions.  To minimize additional risk, we are asking interested families create their own pod of students who ideally already spend time together.  Once you have your pod, we can create a flexible schedule to meet your needs.

Pod learning can be in person once or twice per week and can also include an online component.  Pods can support classes where all students are following the same curriculum or the pod can reinforce mathematical foundations and also dive deeper into topics that students have already seen.  The instructor can also teach new topics in math or even incorporate appropriate physics / chemistry topics to create connections between classes that are often missed in a typical school setting.

Schedules are flexible and pricing will be per semester with no refunds for missed classes.  Please contact us to create your schedule.