Mathematical Typsetting with LaTeX

LaTeX (usually written this way) is an open source (FREE) typesetting program available at that is largely used by mathematicians to create mathematical works.  Ever wondered how your math textbook was typeset?  You guessed it!  .

LaTeX is a document preparation system for high-quality typesetting.  There are many different editors you can use - I like texmaker since it has a lot of built in commands.  Once a document is coded in, LaTeX creates a PDF for you.  Use the box below to type in LaTeX code to create mathematical formulas.  If you would like to learn LaTeX, navigate to the this site (opens in new window):

Here is some very simple code to type in to try it out.  If you type code, in the widget creates an image that you can easily copy and paste into an email or website (works well with Chrome and Firefox but not Safari).

\sqrt{25} = \pm 5

LaTeX Formula Editor