What People Are Saying

Mary, University Prep Parent says:
"For over a year, my daughter has benefited tremendously from math and physics tutoring from Mark.  She says that Mark is not only extremely knowledgeable; he is patient, able to explain concepts from many different angles, and he truly cares about her progress.  As a parent, I feel he is reliable, responsible, and friendly yet professional and stays completely on task while the clock is ticking.  He is very "loyal" to his students; when they have a test coming up he does his best to fit them in, and even offers to provide phone help.  I wish I had Mark for my tutor when I was in high school.  It is a relief to me and my husband to have him helping our daughter, because our memory of these subjects has faded.  I highly recommend Mark without reservation."

Renata, Bellevue High Parent texted:
"My son came home all fired up about math.  Said you explained everything in "the best way ever".  He really liked you.  Thanks Mark. Renata."

Mary, Lakeside School Parent emailed:


My son says you are amazing.  Then he said something about, not your average amazing, but beyond.  Didn't quite catch his exact wording, but it appears he thinks you are an extremely gifted teacher.

Thanks so much for helping him.


Mary, Bush School Parent says:
"My daughter feels very supported in her work with Mark Batho. She tells me that Mark senses the reasons why she may not understand a math concept, and responds to her in a totally non-critical way. She says that Mark finds helpful ways to explain things - until she gets it."

Math Teacher to Parent: