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Mark Batho
Founder + Owner

Fusion Math Founder / Owner.
M.Eng. Civil and Environmental Engineering, MIT
B.Sc. Civil and Environmental Engineering, Cum Laude, Seattle University

Former Lecturer (2004-2010), Civil Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle.  Member of SU and UBC Varsity Alpine Ski Teams.  MIT, Smith College, and Stanford Assistant Ski Team Coach. Road Cycling, Mountain Biking, Skiing, Hiking, Windsurfing, and German Car Enthusiast.

Mark is a tutor of the SAT, SAT Subject Tests, ACT, GRE, SSAT, ISEE, all levels of Middle and High School Mathematics including Calculus, Physics as well as Calculus Based Physics.  Mark lives in the Bryant neighborhood of Seattle with his wife Julianna and his young children.

Mark is available select hours Monday to Thursday
Please CONTACT US to arrange. 

Maddie Romansic


B.A. Mathematics, University of Washington

Maddie specializes in middle and high school math and geometry through pre-calculus, including UW MATH 120 (also called UW PreCalculus at the High School Level).

Maddie really enjoys working with kids and strives to be a creative and empathetic tutor that takes a methodical approach and treats no concepts as "obvious."

Maddie is available after 3:00pm Monday to Thursday for one to one tutoring. 
Please CONTACT US to arrange. 
William Holden

B.S. Chemical Engineering, B.S. Physics, University of Cincinnati
Ph.D. Physics, University of Washington, anticipated 2019

William is available to tutor all levels of math and physics, from elementary to undergraduate, as well as high school chemistry and even Japanese.

William is a graduate student at UW, pursuing a Ph.D. in physics as a member of the x-ray spectroscopy group, which uses x-rays to study matter under a wide range of conditions, from tabletop vacuum experiments with low-energy x-rays, to world-class facilities like SLAC's x-ray free electron laser at Stanford. He has two years experience as a teaching assistant for undergraduate physics courses and labs, and loves sharing his passion and enthusiasm with students by helping them see the bigger picture and real-world applications of what they're learning. 

William is available for one-to-one tutoring weekday evenings and anytime most weekends.
Please CONTACT US to arrange.

Henry Brinkerhoff

B.S. Physics, University of Pittsburgh
Ph.D. Physics, University of Washington, anticipated 2016

Henry’s subjects include physics and math from elementary to graduate levels, as well as computer science, statistics, chemistry, and biology from elementary to undergraduate levels. He also offers preparation for standardized tests including AP Exams, ACT, SAT, SAT2 and Subject Tests, as well as GRE. He has extensive experience working with students with developmental or learning disabilities.

Henry is pursuing his PhD in physics at UW, working on a new technique using biological nanopores and precision electronics to observe individual molecules. This technology can be used to analyze and sequence DNA, understand protein function, and make extremely precise measurements of tiny molecular movements. Henry uses physics, math, computer science, chemistry and biology on a daily basis, and will be more than happy to talk your ears off about real-world applications of the concepts you’re learning!

Henry is available Monday to Thursday evenings hours and weekends for one to one tutoring.  Please CONTACT US to arrange. 

Kerkira Stockton

B.A. Physics, Hamilton College

Ph.D. Physics, University of Washington, anticipated 2020

Kerkira’s subjects include math from elementary school to calculus, Physics up to a graduate level, as well as computer science, biology, and French. She has experience working with all ages and loves to find new ways of approaching old problems. 

Kerkira is pursuing her PhD in physics at UW, where she is beginning in the nuclear experimental research department. She uses math, computer science, and physics both in classes and out, and would love to share that.

Kerkira is available select hours in the week for one to one tutoring.
Please CONTACT US to arrange.

Cheryl Wang

B.S. Computer Science & Visual Arts, University of Washington

Cheryl tutors Math through Calculus, but has also has experience teaching up through Differential Equations and Computer Science at the college level while working at CLUE on the UW Campus

In pursuing a computer science and visual arts double degree at the UW, Cheryl has a lot of experience 
with solving many different kinds of problems and is always happy to help someone who needs help with the problem solving process.

Cheryl has tutored students as young as first grade and still tutors her younger sisters in math.

She is also fluent in Chinese and 
has been learning Japanese for over four years.

Cheryl is available afternoons and evenings and is open to making appointments weekend afternoons.

Please CONTACT US to arrange.

Gene Dennis

B.S. Physics, University of Texas; M.S. Physics, University of Washington

Gene's subjects include math from elementary school to differential equations, physics, chemistry, and statistics.  He also offers preparation for standardized test including AP Exams, ACT, SAT, SAT2 subject tests, GRE, SSAT, GMAT, and LSAT.

Gene has been tutoring for more than a decade, starting when he was 15.  Students competing for top spots in their class can come to Gene and he will help them achieve a deeper understanding of the material and its applications.  Students struggling in math can come to Gene and he will help them connect the dots so math makes sense again.  Gene's priority is to make math a little less miserable and a little more fun for everyone.  Over the years Gene has worked with more than 1,500 students from all sorts of backgrounds.

Gene is available for one-to-one tutoring on weekday afternoons and evenings as well as all day on weekends.  Please CONTACT US to arrange.
Dan Messenger
Dan Messenger

B.S. Mathematics, B.A. Physics, University of Puget Sound 2015

Dan tutors math and physics to students of all ages, at elementary through undergraduate levels, Sun-Fri until 8 pm. He enjoys imparting great study skills and methods of organization.

Outside of his undergraduate curriculum, Dan has interned as a physical chemistry research assistant under the US Department of Energy, worked as physics Lab TA, and competed in the Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM). Currently, he is applying for graduate school in applied mathematics, hoping for entry into a PhD program Fall 2017. He wishes to study computational science and mathematical modeling.

Dan’s extracurricular hobbies include playing drum set, biking, and going on sea kayaking expeditions.  Please CONTACT US to arrange.
Tyson Price
Tyson Price

B.S. Physics, Mathematics Minor, Carnegie Mellon University 2013
Ph.D. Physics, University of Washington, anticipated 2020

Tyson tutors math up through calculus and differential equations and physics through the graduate level. Tyson is a UW physics graduate student and has several years of training and experience teaching at UW. He is also available to tutor German through the B2/C1 CEFR level including grammar help and conversation practice. 

Tyson’s own research is focused on high energy particle physics, mathematics, and symmetry. 

He is available for one on one tutoring during select hours in the week and weekend.  Please CONTACT US to arrange.
Mike Campbell
Mike Campbell

B.A.  Physics & Mathematics, University of Colorado
M.S. Physics, University of Colorado
PHD physics anticipated 2018

Mike's subjects include math and physics from elementary to graduate level, as well as standard test preparation for the AP exams, ACT, and SAT.

Mike obtained his Bachelors and Masters at the University of Colorado studying nanotechnology and liquid crystals.  After obtaining his Masters, he embarked on a PHD program at the University of Washington studying theoretical nuclear physics.  Michael has 3 years experience as a teaching assistant at the University of Washington, and enjoys finding new ways to help explain various concepts in Physics and Math. 

Mike is available during the weekdays and weekends as well as Saturday.  Please CONTACT US to arrange.
Laura Smit
Laura Smit

B.S. Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, University of Washington
Anticipated 2018

Laura is available to tutor physics and math up to and including calculus. She has eight years of experience coaching and teaching sailing to kids of all ages.  Laura enjoys sharing her passion for math and science while helping students reach their fullest potential in these areas.

Laura is a current undergraduate at UW pursuing a degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, with a focus in fluids. When not in class, she can be found out on the water. She has competed in multiple national championships while sailing with the UW sailing team.

Laura is available weekday afternoons and evenings.  Please CONTACT US to arrange.
Andrew Baumgartner
Andrew Baumgartner

B.A. Physics & Mathematics, Manhattan College
University of Washington; Ph.D. Theoretical Physics, anticipated 2017

Andrew’s subjects include math and and physics, from elementary to graduate level, including standardized test prep, such as ACT, SAT, ISEE, SSAT. 

After obtaining his BS in physics and mathematics from Manhattan College, Andrew switched coasts to obtain his PhD in theoretical physics from UW. Andrew literally does math for a living and loves to share his tricks and tips with eager learners. 

In his free time, Andrew likes to enjoy live music, comedy and nature. He is also an amateur writer. 

Andrew is available weekday mornings before 9am and evenings after 5:30pm.   Please CONTACT US to arrange.

Mathew Ellenberger

B.S. Chemistry, University of Washington, anticipated 2017

Mathew has experience tutoring math through calculus, physics (including calculus based physics), as well as all levels of chemistry through organic chemistry.  He has a particularly passionate about chemistry, but really enjoys tutoring students in math and physics as well.  Mathew is very flexible in his tutoring approach and can explain complex topics from many different angles.  

Mathew is pursuing his B.S. in chemistry, with the goal of going to graduate school for a doctorate in polymer chemistry. He plans to enter the energy sector to work on new materials that improve current green technologies.  In addition to his studies, Mathew spends works in the lab researching the synthesis of a new polymer that will make solar panels more efficient.

Mathew is available between 2pm-8pm Monday through Friday and anytime during the weekends for one-on-one tutoring.  Please CONTACT US to arrange.

Alyssa Troska

Alyssa Troska

B.S. Material Science and Engineering, University of Washington
M.S. Material Science and Engineering, University of Washington, anticipated 2016

Alyssa's subjects include math from elementary school to calculus, as well as high school chemistry, biology, and physics.

Alyssa is pursuing her Masters degree in Material Science and Engineering at UW, developing magnetic iron oxide nanoparticle coatings for medical devices to enhance medical imaging techniques and improve visualization for placement in the body. She enjoys researching the forefront where the physics of magnetism meets biology and chemistry, and is excited to share her passion and enthusiasm for math and science with students.

Alyssa is available afternoons and evenings weekdays as well as Saturdays.
Please CONTACT US to arrange.

Sander Lavine

B.A. Physics - Skidmore College (Summa Cum Laude); MSAA (Aeronautics Astronautics) - University of Washington; Ph.D. Aeronautics Astronautics, anticipated 2017

Sander is taking Academic year 2016-17 off to focus on Research and General Exams.

After obtaining his BA in physics from Skidmore College, Sander returned to his home town of Seattle to begin work towards a Ph.D in the Aeronautics and Astronautics department at the University of Washington. With a focus on plasma physics, Sander hopes to elucidate the interaction between plasma flows and magnetic fields that may help to make fusion energy a reality. In his four years at the UW, Sander has worked extensively as a teaching assistant for a wide variety of courses from introductory physics to atmospheric flight mechanics.

Sander always tries to make course material relevant and engaging and emphasizes a deeper understanding of concepts over superficial memorization of equations and formula. Sander is also an avid proponent of the computational software mathematica and enjoys helping students achieve their full potential with this powerful tool at their disposal.

He is available to tutor all levels of math and physics (elementary through undergraduate) Monday-Friday before 6:30 pm.  
Please CONTACT US to arrange.

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