About Our Founder

Fusion Math, LLC was founded in 2011 by MIT Grad Mark P. Batho and his wife Julianna.

Mark received his Master of Civil Engineering from MIT in 1999 after graduating from Seattle U and working as a Civil Engineer for several years. After realizing his life long passion for teaching, he taught in the Civil Engineering Department at The University of Washington from 2004 to 2010 and also taught the UW School of Engineering Summer Math Academy, a program that taught rising seniors the rigors of college math. Mark has tutored since his College days and still works with a handful of students himself. Mark always says: "Teaching is a Joy and has always been my calling!"

He lives in Seattle's Bryant neighborhood with his wife, son, daughter, and their cat Hazel. Mark grew up ski racing in Vancouver, BC and is a Mighty Mite ski coach at Crystal Mountain Alpine Club (CMAC) on weekends where his son and daughter also ski race.