Fusion Math Fast Facts iOS App: Video Preview HERE

Our iOS App is designed to help students learn their Times Tables. It incorporates Multiplication, Division, and Factoring in a clean, simple ad-free environment and is currently free for all students.

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Check out our App Preview Video

Fusion Math Fast Facts is designed to help you practice, learn, and test your speed with Multiplication, Division, and Factoring using factors from 1 to 12 with an adjustable grid

Every time you choose Multiply, Divide, or Factor from the Start Screen, a New Test will begin. If you get a question wrong you will see the correction in the Answer View. Simply swipe left to go back to the test immediately or wait a few seconds and you will be returned automatically.

You may also skip problems if you like. When you are finished a test, you will see a score report and a list of missed or skipped problems that you can export and study. You can also export the score report by text.

Once you are in a Test, pressing the Back Button will take you to the Start Screen and you must start a New Test. If you want to pause the Test and come back later, just press the HOME BUTTON on your device.

App Options:

Choose your Multiplication Grid Size: 2x2 to 12x12

ON/OFF Toggle to include 1s or not include 1s in Multiplication and Division

ON/OFF Toggle to Show Time Elapsed

ON/OFF Toggle to Show Remaining Problems

Race your friends and learn your times tables!!!

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