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Kathy, Seattle, WA from an email to us Oct 20, 2021

He loved it. I could hear them and tried to just fade into the background so John felt comfortable, and he did! He asked questions, provided feedback. Isaac has a really nice pace and demeanor and worked so well with John. On our ride home, John said "I like FusionMath, it's FUN!" I did not expect that - haha.

Thanks for all that you do and we're so happy we found you!


On Wed, Oct 20, 2021 at 3:40 PM Mark Batho wrote:

Hi Kathy,

It was great meeting you and John yesterday. Just a quick check-in to see how he liked working with Isaac.

All the best,


Fusion Student, Seattle, WA from a text message to their tutor, Mark
Sept 29, 2021

Stephanie, Seattle, WA from an email to us Sept 15,2021
Hi Mark- My daughter Claire took your camp last August to prepare for the PSAT(didn't happen) and SAT, which she took in November. Today we found out she is a National Merit Semifinalist, which we hope will help with college applications (and cost!), so we are very glad she participated in the camp. She ended up with a 1530, not sure where she started, but way lower than that; the verbal help in particular was stellar. Anyway, thanks very much!

Amy K, Seattle, WA
Our high school daughter participated in the SAT camp this fall and we are so pleased with the results. They way Fusion Math prepares students with multiple practice tests and follow up instruction is great. I highly recommend attending a camp prior to testing.

Matt H, Seattle, WA
Mark Batho and his tutors are smart, personable, quick to respond, and clear in their communications. The tutors all used her time well. My daughter was tutored in Statistics for school, and was tutored for the SAT in math and verbal. She also took their SAT prep camp. She actually enjoyed all of these and looked forward to meeting with the tutors. The results, in terms of confidence and scores, were great, too.

Joanie B, Seattle, WA
This review is LONG over due. Our oldest son took the SAT prep class at Math Fusion 4 years ago and did exceptionally well on the test thanks to the great prep class Math Fusion offered. He was well prepared. Thank you! Our youngest son just took the same class and increased his overall SAT score by over 200 points after completing the prep class. This class is worth every penny if your child needs help preparing for the SAT. Thank you again Fusion Math!

Janine J, Seattle, WA
I highly recommend Fusion Math. There was a lot of frustration for my daughter with math last year, particularly when virtual learning started. Working with Amanda, my daughter has completely turned around her math experience. She is doing well in class, feeling confident and actually enjoying it. We looked around at other tutoring options and I'm so glad we ended up at Fusion Math. Amanda and Mark have both been great to work with.

Liz B, Seattle, WA
My middle school kiddo has always struggled with math. She's very bright but just hasn't been able to put all the pieces together at the pace her teachers go. Since working with Maddie I have seen a huge improvement in both her understanding and her confidence in math! She's much more willing to do 'real life' math when it comes up and has even been excited to talk about and show off her work from school. She got an "A" last quarter for the first time ever and was very proud. Maddie has been so patient and kind with her. I'm amazed at the variety of online tools she's found to help each session stay fun and fresh yet still challenging. She's helped my daughter with new concepts and homework while also making time to fill in the gaps in her foundational knowledge. I was skeptical that doing this all remotely would work well. I thought at best we'd not lose ground this year, but Maddie has been able to connect with my daughter and help her feel at ease and ready to learn during each session they have together. She's made huge progress. I'd definitely recommend Fusion Math and Maddie.

Marilyn S, San Francisco CA
We are so happy with the SAT tutoring our daughter received from Fusion Math and from Uplift Writing. The tutors were thorough, persistent and patient. And our daughter worked hard. It all paid off - she raised her SAT scores 130 points!

Michelle M, Seattle WA
My 13-year-old son actually gets into the car fired up after every tutoring session. About MATH! He chatters all the way home about everything Mark has taught him and, honestly, about Mark himself. Mark is so clearly passionate (and knowledgeable) about his subject that it's infectious. This is SO much more than ISEE test prep. Mark is lighting a fire for learning this subject in my son that will endure far past the test date. What more could I possibly ask for? Thank you Fusion Math!

H.T., Seattle WA
My daughter started going to the drop-in tutoring session on Sundays, where she can focus doing her homework at her own pace, and there's always a tutor available on site for her questions. Her tutor Tyson is highly qualified and very helpful. In one instance, he went above and beyond to assist my daughter preparing for the next day precalculus test knowing that she didn't receive any review materials from her teacher. She has decided that this drop-in session will be a part of her Sunday schedule for the next 2 years when she's done with HS.

In addition, she had taken SAT Prep summer camp. She continues to review the materials for the upcoming test, and knows that she could sign up for extra help as needed with her wonderful SAT instructors Jinah, Kyle.

Thank you Mark and his staff for providing this valuable resource to my daughter.

Karen W, Seattle WA
Contacted Fusion Math recently, and spoke with Lisa to schedule a tutoring appointment for my high school son. Lisa was extremely professional, friendly and empathetic. Within a few days, my son met with Henry. Henry is wonderful! He put my son at ease, asked him insightful questions to determine how best to help- then gave him a very thorough hour-long lesson.

The team at Fusion Math seems genuinely invested in the success of it's students. And, Henry is a great fit for a struggling high-schooler. Many thanks!

Susan M, Seattle WA
We decided to try Fusion Math for our 10th grader (Geometry) after working with Mark initially through our local elementary school. I appreciate the professionalism of the organization, and the communication/flexibility/knowledge of the tutor we've been using has been top notch.

Paula P, Seattle WA
Three of my four children have been tutored at Fusion Math for various subjects, including calculus, physics and SSAT preparation. All three had great experiences and great results. The tutors are easy to work with, professional and know their subject matter thoroughly. They work well with all ages and ability levels. I would strongly recommend Fusion Math to any student or parent.

Gow M, Seattle WA
Mark and his team are excellent resources to help your student succeed. The SAT prep courses resulted in my son reach his top potential with a near perfect score on his first try for his PSATs. His team has also supported my daughter reach her top potential in math & science as well. I cannot say enough about the excellent team that Mark has. If you want your child to reach their top performance, send them to Fusion Math. He will also go out of his way to partner on other non-math/science courses to provide a holistic support model.

Amy H, Seattle WA
Fusion Math has been a wonderful, highly qualified, professional and consistent resource for our middle school daughter and high school son over the past few years.

Our son received top quality physics tutoring and instruction while navigating a very rigorous summer course in physics. Fusion Math's tutor made all the difference for success in this summer course. We had a daily tutoring session for a number of weeks where homework and test preparation was completed.

Our daughter has had on and off weekly math tutoring sessions over the past 2 years. These sessions have helped her complete homework questions that were challenging and prepare for tests. Whether is was a routine weekly tutoring session or a very spontaneous request for a tutor due to an upcoming test, Mark and his staff have always been available and accommodating.

I would highly recommend Fusion Math as a fantastic resource!

Eric M, Seattle WA
My two kids have had a few different math and science tutors at Fusion for the past three years and they've all been great. The tutors are usually brilliant grad students and Phd candidates from UW and they have been consistently reliable, kind and highly skilled at explaining tricky math and science concepts. The owner, Mark returns messages right away and is incredibly accommodating. I highly recommend Fusion Math!!!

M.M., Issaquah WA
Both my kids have used math fusion for tutoring, college essay writing and sat class. They both walked away with learning the concepts necessary and beyond. My son went from geometry to calculus and relied on math fusion for trig holes. The tutors are of high caliber and quickly got my son up to speed. The sat class brought his English up 100 points. My daughter uses their services for the SAT right now. I trust them to help her master the test. She has also used their services for the occasional tutoring. Drop in works great. Mark Batho is very customer service oriented. He values customer satisfaction. I'm glad I found them!!

Michael M, Seattle WA
We found Mark and Fusion through a school referral when our daughter started struggling with Physics. What sounded to her as Greek in class, Mark was able to demystify and she saw her grades move from close to failing to a high B over the course of a semester. So when it was time to consider SAT prep, Mark was the first person our daughter called, and in a condensed time period Mark was able to boost her score from her PSAT's by over 200 points. Thanks Mark!

Jill B, Menlo Park CA
My daughter, Sophia, is a high school junior who was seeking some extra support and guidance as she navigated senior physics this year. She and we could not have been more pleased with the calm, thoughtful, consistent instruction she received from Ramsey at Fusion Math. Sophie actually looked forward to her early Saturday morning sessions - sometimes staying on and moving into questions about math. Really great contribution to the community and to the education of our kids - love what Mark is doing!

Greg R, Olympia WA
My daughter, a high-school senior who lives out of state with her mom, arranged just one tutoring session with Mark on a visit to Seattle. He gave her some basic pointers and set her on the right track for studying on her own. She raised her math SAT score from 580 to 660. What impressed me was that Mark was more interested in helping her succeed than in squeezing in a bunch of sessions to generate fees. In terms of bang for the buck, Fusion Math can't be beat.

Bonnie P, Seattle WA
After sessions with Mark, my high school daughter reached a breakthrough in her understanding of geometry, and then algebra. When her SAT math score needed boosting, Mark was my first call - and we just learned her score increased 100 points! Mark is flexible, responsive, and understands the individualized learner. I highly recommend. Thanks, Mark.

Evelyn B, Seattle WA
I needed some help reviewing math concepts in preparation for the GMAT. After being out of school for a few years now, my math skills were more than a little rusty. Mark goes far beyond helping people memorize formulas. He helps students develop math reasoning skills that ultimately help them tackle any problem. I think of math a lot differently now - and have confidence in my ability to reason with the math skills he taught me. I wish I had known Mark when I was a student. I would have benefited from his patience, talent and ability to teach math in a way that works with me.

Barbara H, Seattle WA
My son struggled a little in math following the recent death of his dad. After working with Mark he pulled his grade back up to an A. I highly recommend Fusion Math to everyone. Mark is an outstanding teacher, who makes sure kids understand new concepts.

Debbie N, Bellevue WA
Mark at Fusion Math has done an amazing job teaching our son Algebra. My only wish was that we had found Mark earlier in the year. Our son has brought his grades up from C-D to A -B's on Tests and Quizzes. It was a godsend that we found Mark, as he helped our sons other tutor with car trouble on the 520 bridge and from that we got the referral to him. He is great and connects with him so he understands it, and can move forward in Math. Thanks Mark.

Fiona J, Seattle WA
My son did an SAT prep course with Mark at Fusion Math. His opinion is that he learned more one on one with Mark in his SAT prep( group classes are also offered), than he did in a year of math at school. His SAT score in math was significantly higher than his PSAT, and I thank Fusion Math for that!!! I highly recommend them.

Steve H, Seattle WA
Mark and his staff have worked with our son throughout his high school years, and the results have been fantastic. As his after-school activities changed with each season, they were able to work with his schedule to keep his tutoring uninterrupted, and the weekend drop-in sessions provided an extra benefit on short notice. As the subjects changed, Mark would have someone who could step in with the specialized skills that matched our needs. And if you're looking for a strong score on the first try, I'd highly recommend the SAT Prep; BIG help. Thanks again Mark.

Nicole S, Seattle WA
Mark rescued us by providing some intensive SAT math tutoring at Fusion for our daughter when she was in a panic about the SAT. Mark has very deep expertise about mathematics and knows how to teach the specific strategies needed for the college entrance exams. Mark is calm and encouraging to students, communicative with parents, and willing to individualize.

Martha O, Seattle WA
Fusion Math (and Mark the owner in particular) has a been a great help to our high schooler. The tutors at Fusion have a been able to calm and focus our student in the run up to finals. The staff is familiar with our local high schools' curriculum. The tutoring she's received has made a big difference. We've had a great experience at Fusion!

Mary, University Prep Parent says:
"For over a year, my daughter has benefited tremendously from math and physics tutoring from Mark. She says that Mark is not only extremely knowledgeable; he is patient, able to explain concepts from many different angles, and he truly cares about her progress. As a parent, I feel he is reliable, responsible, and friendly yet professional and stays completely on task while the clock is ticking. He is very "loyal" to his students; when they have a test coming up he does his best to fit them in, and even offers to provide phone help. I wish I had Mark for my tutor when I was in high school. It is a relief to me and my husband to have him helping our daughter, because our memory of these subjects has faded. I highly recommend Mark without reservation."

Patricia J, Seattle WA
Mark at Fusion Math runs a great program for math tutoring. We have been impressed with the easy access and high quality, professional tutors. They do a great job with middle school math and high school math. Mark is responsive to the needs of families seeking assistance and has been very accommodating with schedules.

Highly recommend Fusion Math.

Tracy B, Seattle WA
We moved to Seattle from NC last June. My then All-As student and 8th grader had just earned her first D of her entire school career in Algebra 1. We looked for a good tutor upon arriving and after talking with Mark the owner on the phone and via email, I felt good about Fusion Math. Her tutor Chloe asked for her 8th grade tests and then where she'd be going to school in the Fall, which was Roosevelt. The goal was to have her enter Algebra 1 in 9th grade with confidence, as clearly she didn't have any confidence in her math ability at the end of the prior year. Our daughter, who doesn't take coaching all that well, took to Chloe right away and actually looked forward to the summer tutoring sessions. She just got her first semester report card and was happy and proud of the A she earned in Algebra. I can not recommend Fusion Math enough. Smart, personable owner and staff who care and know how to explain math concepts and inspire good work from their students.

Kenny G, Seattle WA
Very student-centered private coaching available to augment group classes. Super responsive client service, and feels like they really care about the outcome for every student. About a third of the path complete, so I'll add more once final results are in. But, the training style is very high level, ala college/grad school.

Ulli H, Seattle WA
We are amazed ! Mark and his staff rock !
We had two fabulous experiences so far and we will continue coming here to get help when needed. Both our kids learned a lot from their tutors.
One took One on One math tutoring, the other one just took the Prep SAT summer class. They improved their grade, their score, their competence and both feel so much better now.
Thank you Fusion Math !!!

Monique R, Seattle, WA
We can not say enough about Fusion Math and we agree with the other top reviewers here. Our daughter is currently working with Gene, concentrating on SAT / ACT prep, and "small miracles" are beginning to happen as everything is now coming into clear focus for her. She even looks forward to going to her tutoring sessions because for the first time in her life, she actually feels great (and happy!) about FINALLY being able to understand simple to complex concepts (especially in math). Thank you Mark for all that you have brought to us, most of all, peace of mind!

Mary, Bush School Parent says:

"My daughter feels very supported in her work with Mark Batho. She tells me that Mark senses the reasons why she may not understand a math concept, and responds to her in a totally non-critical way. She says that Mark finds helpful ways to explain things - until she gets it."

Renata, Bellevue High Parent texted:
"My son came home all fired up about math. Said you explained everything in "the best way ever". He really liked you. Thanks Mark. Renata."

Rachel C, Seattle WA
The first time I called Fusion Math I was desperate for help for my high school student. She had a test the following day and was beside herself with worry. Mark worked with her that night and she got an A on the test. The tutors at Fusion Math are great!! It's one on one tutoring and every time my daughter leaves, she feels like she's got a grasp on the math they've worked on. She's currently got an A in math and she is so proud of herself.

They will work with you, get your kiddo in when they need help, and they are caring and respectful of the students. My daughter loves working with Mark, I wish he was her regular math teacher. She says he is the first person who has been able to explain math to her in a way that things make sense. We have also had great luck with Cheryl. I don't know what we would do without Fusion Math. They are a blessing to us, and I am so grateful we found them. I highly recommend Fusion Math. They are a godsend.

Mary, Lakeside School Parent emailed:
My son says you are amazing. Then he said something about, not your average amazing, but beyond. Didn't quite catch his exact wording, but it appears he thinks you are an extremely gifted teacher.
Thanks so much for helping him.

Math Teacher to Parent:

Nicole, Seattle, WA from an email to us July 24, 2018
Good morning Fusion!!!
We are IN SHOCK! After two ACTs at 28 and what we thought was alot of prior coaching, the most we were hoping for was 1 to 2 points. She got a 33!!!!!!!! 30 english, 31 math, 36 reading, and 33 science.
Gene - you are amazing. We are all SO thankful and it is clear that we should have started at Fusion first. We will be coming back for some math tutoring for the year and APs!
Thank you!!!! You clearly know what you are doing!