Fusion Math SAT + ACT Core Math Topics

Studying to do well on the SAT or ACT takes time and there are a lot of great resources out there. The official material from the ACT and SAT Test makers is your best starting place but if you are looking to gain more competence on some of the core math topics on these tests, then our book is for you.

You won't find a lot of fluff inside. There are a few of examples that illustrate how these tests craft problems that have both straight-forward (yet lengthy) and clever (and shorter) solutions and then there are a lot of problems.

The problems in this book are designed to challenge students in the following areas:

1) Linear Equations

2) Inequalities and Systems of Equations

3) Rations and Probability

4) Quadratic Equations Part 1

5) Quadratic Equations Part 2

6) Exponents and Radicals

Available in Paperback and Kindle.