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Online / Remote Tutoring

Online tutoring is *really* effective! - take a look at the screenshots of some of our notes above. We would be happy to work with you on a short demo prior to a session to ensure you and your student are comfortable.

To see how to send us a PDF of your student's notes / assignments please

During online sessions, students hear our voice and sees what we write. If we need to show a graph, we switch to a browser and pull up, a great online graphing utility. We can import graphs or calculator screens and notate them. Once the session is over, the tutor will email PDFs of the notes to your student.

We can support your student by continuing with their core classes, preparing for standardized tests, or even working on a special project. Although, we see no silver lining in this health crisis, we do believe in making the most of whatever situation we find ourselves in. This unexpected time away from school can be used as an opportunity to shore up foundational skills. We can also provide supplemental materials and services to meet your student's learning goals.