How To Scan Documents to PDF

The best way to get your tutor your work (besides sharing a google doc or other online file) is to scan the work to PDF.

If you have an iPhone, open the Notes App and start a new note.

Then select the Camera Icon and choose Scan Documents.

The app should automatically capture light colored documents against a darker background but if it does not, you can adjust the corners manually to select your scan. Keep scanning until you are finished. You can also scan images off your computer screen, textbooks, as well as handwritten work. When you are done, tap the Save button on the bottom right of the screen.

Then tap on one of the scanned images and select the export icon on the top right (square with an up arrow) and choose your preferred export method.

Another way to scan PDFs is to download a PDF Scanner App. Stay away from any "subscription" apps.

We like Turboscan because it is avaialble for both iPhone and Android Phones and you can import photos from your camera roll and also take your own scans and it's easy to use. To export tap the export icon (square with an up arrow) and select your choice. If you select Message, it will send as an image. To send as a PDF in Messages, select the Open in.../Airdrop PDF icon.